Published: 2018-06-25 08:33:15

Players are allowed to create or join a Guild after reaching Level 10
Guild Creation
Tap the Guild icon and "Create" button to create a Guild costing 249 Gold
Join a Guild
Apply to Guild: There is a guilds list in the Guild icon, and you may either select a specific guild to apply or send application to all available guilds by tapping "Quick Apply" 
Invite to Guild
Guild members who have manage position in the guild can send invitation to other players.
Quit a Guild: 
1. Tap "Quit" button in the Guild Member List and confirm to leave;
2. Guild members who have manage position have the right to remove member from the guild. Please be noted that removing a guild member whose off-line time less than three days will cost 50 Vitality, while removing more than three days offline member does NOT cost Vitality. 
Guild Contribution after leave or removed from a guild 
The history Guild Contribution will be reset to zero, and 50% of the current Guild Contribution will be frozen after leaving or being removed from a guild.If the player returns to the original guild without joining other guilds, the oringinal Guild Contribution and Historyu Guild Contribution will be recovered; and if the player joins another Guild, the frozen Guild Contribution will be returned to the player after 3 days. 

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