Published: 2018-06-25 08:33:15

There are total 7 tiers of members in a guild
1. Level 1 Guild has capacity for 20 Appentice maximum ,while Appentices do not count into the members limits;
2. Charaters under Level 40 directly become Appentice after joining a Guild if there is still Appentice vacancy,or become Member if there is no more positions for Appentice;
3. Appentices could use Guild channel to send messages, and accumulate Guild Contribution by completing Guild quests and activities, but they are not titled to get guild bonus nor can they participate Guild War;
4. Appentice over Level 50 , 150 Guild Contribution and have joined the guild for more than 2 days could be promoted as "Member" at the second day when all conditions fulfilled. Maneger position members have to right to promote an appentice to member directly   
5. Appentice will be removed automatically from the guild if he/she remains offline status for more than 3 days 
Access of the members 
Guild Master can transfer the title to any guild member. The title cannot be re-transferred after transfered within 1 day.
If the Guild Master remains offline for more than 7 days, the title of Guild Master will be transferred to an active member with highest position.   

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