Published: 2018-06-25 08:33:15

Swordriding system opens when you reach Level 40.
Swordriding, like mounts, allows players travelling in the world map faster. 
You may use Anima to level-up Sword Mastery and get more special moves and morphs of sword when you reach Level 4.
Select an attribute and consume certain amount of Anima.
With the level-up of sword mastery, the upper limit of attribute will be increased as well.
Tap "Use All" to consume all Anima to train the selected contribution. 
Special Moves
New moves will be unlock at Sword Mastery reaches Level 1,2,4,7 and 9.
Dual flying
Dual flying available when Sword Mastry reaches level 4. You may tap a player's avatar to invive him/her to join you in Dual flying.
Invitation will be cancelled when it is rejected or ignored over 30 seconds.  
Tap the Sword Play icon in the main screen to enter Swordriding status, in which you may adjust height and angles. Drag screen to select viewangles and use direction button to move. Tap again the icon to back to ground. 
Please be noted that you cannot enter Swordriding status during combats. Besides, select and attack a monster in swordridings status may lead to on foot status. 

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