Published: 2018-06-25 08:33:15

Pets are good companions in the journey discoving the world. 
Pets are divided into 3 kinds based on their natural endowments:
Wild: Low attributes and low growth. Use Exilir to become Baby 
Baby: Normal attributes and growth, and can be refined, fused, and learn new skills 
Mutant: Higher attribute, rarely seen  
Basic Attribute: 
There are 7 basic attribute for each pet: HP, Mana,Physical Attack(PATK), Magical Attack(MATK), Physical Defence(PDEF), Magical Defence(MDEF), Critical Rate and Critical Resistance. With the level up of pet,you may get more point to add to special attribute to enhance CP of the pet.
How to get pets
Players are allowed to get pets via purchase, welfare and event. 
Each character are allowed to have 8 pets in slots ready to fight others. If you have more than 8 pets, you may visit pet merchant to deposit.
Points Allocation
Tap "Pet" interface and select Points Allocation to adjust attribute of your pet. 
With each level-up, a pet will get 5 extra points. You may add them to increase certain attribute. 
1 Vitality= 100 HP
1 INT=20 mana+ 20 MATK+ 10 MDEF
1 Will=0.04% Critical Strike Rate
You may also reset allocations of single or all attributes by using different items. 
Pet Refine:
You refine your pet to learn new skills and increase CP of your pets.
Use "Evolving Exilir" to refresh pets'index. Wild pets can become Baby pets via Evolving, besides,you may get Mutant pets via Evolving. 
New skills learning 
Skills books allow pet learn new skills. Skill books can be bought from Store.
When a pet with less than 2 skills use skill books, it can get a new skill;
When a pet with more than 2 skills use skill books, new skill will replace one old skill with high probability, or get a new skill with low probability.
When a pet with more than 4 skills use skill booss, new skill only replace old skill.
You may using items to increase the attribute and level-up your pet. Except Foster EXP, each pet can be fosted 10 times. 
Two pets can fuse into a new pet.Natures and growth depends on the original pets, with probability of getting a higher nature of the original ones. 
Kind of new pet is decided by the left pet when fuse them, and level of new pet reset to primary level. 
Skills of both pets might be inherited with probability. If both pets will same skill fused,new pet may get higher level of the skill. 

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