Published: 2018-07-25 19:02:05

Love is romantic, and marriage is an eternal promise. How should two persons in love get married in Tale of Swords? Let me show you the way.



1. Both of the couple should reach Level 30, and add each other in the friend list.

2. “Friendship” point between you two needs to reach 11,000. You may send flowers buying in the Friend menu.

3. TWO of you form a team, and go to Kaifeng City to find Matchmaker Yin Weiyue;

4. The cost for getting married is 1,000,000 Silver

Tap “I want to get married” at Weiyue’s, both of you need to tap “Accept” before the countdown reaches 0.


The certification of marriage will be issued by the Matchmaker, besides, a system message is broadcasted to the whole server to announce the happiest moment. 


Married couple are allowed to hold their wedding ceremony on 3 location: Whiteape Mountain, Fuli Realm and Dragon Abyss. Once you decide a location, friends of both of you will automatically receive a notice, they can share you joy by find Yuan Xiaoning in Kaifeng to teleport to the wedding place.

During the wedding, there are also various activities and welfares.


Once you get married, you may also accept couple quest from Yuanxiaoxian in Kaifeng.


Wish everyone find their soul-mate in the world of Tale of Swords – Eternal Love. 





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